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Monday, 3 August 2015

Are True Friends Real?

Hey guys!!

At some points in my life, I had thought whether true friends were real or not. I thought about all my friends I had in my past, thought about if they hurt me or stopped talking to me. Yes. I have had plenty, actually.

Since I started Secondary School, it opened my eyes to back stabbing and lying to your so called 'Friend'. One that will ALWAYS be by your side when you need them the most! 
I talked more in this blog post.

Everyday at school, I see this happening and thank god that I have Melody by my side. I know I shouldn't be saying, 'I know she won't stab me in the back'.  The thing is, I DO know she won't. We have been really good friends for about 3 years now. 

How I know who likes you:

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that it was my birthday on Friday past, and thank you for the birthday wishes for everyone who said. 

I also have Facebook, (private) and it shows who has a birthday when, you can also and them a birthday wish on their timeline - only if they are on your friends list, of course - this is a way I think how to tell if someone truly likes you!

If there is someone on my friends list that I don't particularly like, I will not send them a birthday wish, but if I do, then I will - this sounds so childish!! - I thinks it is the same with everyone.

On Facebook, I got over 20 people saying Happy Birthday out of a few hundred people. I wasn't disappointed, I was kind of happy. There is over 20 people who like me for me.

Anyway, there are a few girls in my year that act nice to me, talk to me a lot in school, but never talked to me over the Summer holidays. You can even tell they have been on Facebook that day because they have shared something or liked something! 

This really annoys me as they are nice to your face, but is probably talking about you behind your back! >:(

I am really sorry if this sounds really childish at any point during this post. I didn't mean for it to come out just as, but we will just go with it!

What is your experience with true friends? I would love to hear about them down below!

girl obsessed xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Being Different Is A Good Thing

Hey guys!

So, I have been thinking and have you ever been called weird? I know I have, on many occasions and to be one hundred percent honest with you, it made me laugh, out loud!!!

Once when I was little, my dad told me about different types of birds- don't ask me why, because I still don't know to this day! Anyway, he told me about the ostrich and I was fascinated by the way it stuck its head in the ground (well sand) . 

So when we were at the beach on year, I said to my dad, "Look, I am an ostrich"- but i said it in a cute baby voice, so I couldn't pronounce my word very well- Then suddenly I stuck my head in the sand. My butt was sticking up in any direction possible until was pulled out by my ankles by one VERY confused laughing dad! All my weirdness and awkwardness started from that day forward!

It turns out, the reason why these birds stick there head in the sand is because they have nests underground and they plunge their head under to turn its egg. 
I only asked google their now, why do ostriches stick their head in sand?

These birds are weird and I think they are proud of it because they haven't said any different!! :D
For one, they have knees that are the wrong way around, they are the only bird with 3 stomachs
and they have the largest eye of all the land animals, with a diameter of 5cm.

These birds probably don't care that they have a 5cm eye. They own it!!!!!

Also, I don't even care that I am talking about OSTRICHES!!

Everyone is different and you should embrace it and take advantage of that! With this, it defines who we are and if someone can't take that much awesomeness, then that's their problem. You shouldn't have to change who you are!

Say this with me!

"I am an odd being and I can sass all you bitches!!" 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hey guys,

So this is really important and I need you guys advise.

So, for the past few weeks I have been getting the same dream on and off and I wake up really out of breath and feeling panicky.

Its like one of those dreams where you are falling,but you can't stop yourself. There is no grip on the surrounding area. You just fall..... fall.....fall.... into nothingness.

Then when you wake up your heart is pounding like mad!!! Your hands feel all clammy and sweaty, and I am scared. Sometimes, even to actually go to sleep!!

I don't know what it is or anything. I do have anxiety issues, if that helps, but if you know what this is, please help me.

For the past year, maybe more, I have had panicky issues, but not severely bad. 

For example, in P7 when I did the transfer exam I wanted to do it because I felt pressured into doing it by my cousins as they had all done it and I didn't want to feel as if I was stupid. Then when the time came for me do actually do the exam, I backed out because I could hardly eat or sleep. It was doing damage to my health. I know what you are thinking, Why you feeling like that in only P7. Well, I wasn't smart at all.

Another time, P5, my "best friend" that I was best friends with since nursery said she didn't want to be friends anymore. I was horrified. I didn't know what to say. I tried to make things better, but she thought otherwise. It was only then, when her other friends left primary school she came running back to me pretending like nothing happened!!!!

Since then, I got my stomach under control, up until my second year of secondary school. I got REALLY sore stomachs and  the sensation of a huge lump in my throat alllll the time and it was constant. Day after day, sore stomach and lump in my throat. It got to the point I had to see a doctor about it. 

She was sooo nice- can't for the life of me remember her name. She said I had too much stomach acid. She gave me some delightful strawberry tasting tablets to take for 2 months. They worked like a charm.  Until just lately.

I talked to my best friend Melody and she said to not think about my dream, which I haven't until now when I am writing this to you! I trust her, but unfortunately, she doesn't know what is wrong.

If you have any ideas, please comment below. If you have the same issues, I would love to hear how you come about them. 

I will keep you updated about the problem soon.

girl obsessed xx

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June Favourites

Hey Everyone,

I have never done one of these on my blog, but I decided to give it a go and hope for the best!
Just saying, this might be a looong post..... :)

I am that type of girl that doesn't like to experiment with different cosmetics, I like to keep to the same one, but if you want me to do so, comment below.

I have a schedule that I like to keep to and that's it. Nothing new.

Here is what I have been loving throughout the month of June: 

1. See By ChloƩ perfume- Middle
I love this perfume. I got it for Christmas 2014 and I had been wanting it for sooo long. I was over the moon when I got it. 
Now I wore it everyday to school, on my wrists, neck and behind my knees.

2. Witch Stick- Top Right
This is for spots/blemishes. If you have a spot/blemish or see one coming apply this every so often and it will reduce the redness and not make the spot more sore?

3. Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash- Right
This is a sample I got not that long ago. I have the full size bottle and it smells like heaven. It smells like lillys and ginger combined. I have to say, it is VERY EXPENSIVE. £20-£30.

4. Nivia Pearly Shine- Bottom Right 
I got this in Superdrug months ago, but I never used it until Easter. I rediscovered it and I can't believe it. I love it so much. I use it every night before bed and my lips are so soft when I wake up. I also use it during the day when I am in my bedroom.

5. Rimmel London Lash Sensational- Underneath
This mascara is amazing. I found it off Velvetgh0sts youtube channel and it looked really good. It had 2 sides to the brush. One side it for length and another is for separation and fuller looking lashes. I use the the separation and fuller lashes side and it is amazing.

6. Clarines Instant Concealer- Bottom Left
I use Clarines a lot because my skin agrees with it and it doesn't like any other brand.  Anyway, this concealer is magnificent. It is a liquid which need to be applied with your hand. When you put it onto spots/blemished it takes away the redness so it isn't as inflamed. I must say, it is expensive so if you really going to use it, I recommend it.

7. Simple Kind To Eye Revitalising Eye Roll On- Top Left
I love Simple. It really is 'Kind to skin'. My skin loved Simple's products and I don't blame it.  I would use this mostly in the morning when I wake up. This product is designed to make you feel awake and refreshed in the morning. You would roll the ball under your eyes and this cold gel is applied. 

These are my random favourites during the month of June!

1. The Sin Eater's Daughter
This is an amazing book. I read it within a few days. It wasn't like any of the other books I have read. I usually contemporary books and I was surprised when I actually enjoyed it. It really made you hate some of the characters and it made you love some of the characters. I would give it a 5/5 stars.

2. Notebook
Now, in this notebook, I have my bucketlist. It has loads of different activities I want to do in my life time. 

  • Go to Greece
  • Visit the Palace of Versailles
  • Leave a note in a Library book
  • Spend an entire day watching Disney movies
  • Go to Australia
That is only a small amount. When I do them, I cross them out so I know I have done it. I would also take photographs to remember the moment.

3. A Purple Furry Pen
I got this pen years ago and I just found it around April May time and it had been in my desk ever since until I pulled it out and Started writing. I think these pens are sooooooo cute and fun looking when you write. I don't know why, it just is, okay?

4. Rocks
Now, before you think, what the hell are you on about, but yes rocks.
When I was younger, I used to collect rocks and I was obsessed from the ages of 3-7. During that time period, I wanted to be a Geologist. Thinking back on this now, I think it is really weird. I got these rocks back in 2005 I think and I was redoing my room and I thought these looked really cool in my room. I love them.

What are your favourite songs?

girl obsessed xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Society is Messed Up


Hey everyone,

On Thursday, I read 2 blog posts by Innersmile and Teenage Rambler and it got me thinking.
Innersmiles post was about 'Stuff you need to know', it was about cosmetics, Starbucks, and if a coloured label on a tooth paste tube has chemicals or not. (it is more interesting than I described it)
Teenage Ramblers was about society. Its messed up, but she didn't use the word 'messed' lol!!

I thought I would combine both posts together about my own knowledge on society and weight loss, which is total shit.

Since I started Secondary school, I have noticed you are required to have a certain image and keep it up or otherwise you will get talked about in a bad way.
Even in movies, like Mean Girls and The Duff. You are required a certain image or people will make fun of you.

Our head boy and girl at school has always been the same. No boy or girl can be plump. You have to be thin, tall and pretty/handsome. Sometimes it doesn't even matter about the marks/grades.

If I am one hundred percent honest with you, I really think society sticks.

I am not thin with a flat stomach, I know that, but I am not over weight. I am in that category with the 'muffin top' as it is called.

I am not ashamed to say that. There is no need to be. You are in a specific category, it doesn't really matter. If you are happy with who you are, there is no need to be ashamed with it.

If I am being more that one hundred percent honest, I would rather have some meat of me to keep me warm and healthy than being painfully thin.

On Tumblr and We Heart It I have seen these drinks;

People think these drinks will make them skinnier. In actual fact, they don't do a thing. It does the same thing as normal water. People have only done this to make the water taste nicer. 

These drinks are called 'Detox water'. I have also heard that it can be called 'Slimming Water' just because of the ingredients you put in it. 

  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Mint
Where as 'Detox water' has

  • Strawberries
  • Mint
  • Kiwi
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
These drinks make people obsessed with loosing weight.

 I don't care about my weight. It makes me, me and I wouldn't change it for the world! (unless it tampered with my health, then yeah)

Here is a question:  What is the thing you most like about yourself?

girl obsessed xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Traveling to Dreams


Hey everyone,

All my life I have had a passion for travelling to different places, but because of my anxiety,I find it hard to do that. If I was to go somewhere, I would have to bring,

  • A water bottle
  • Head ache tablets
  • Rescue Remedy

I know, its really bad that I have to bring all that. That even includes if I was going to a sleep over. To be honest, I hate it. Is anyone else like that??

The places I want to travel to are quite far from Northern Ireland;

  • America (USA)
  • Australia
  • Bora-Bora
  • Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland
  • Spain
The list goes on and on my lovely girls, but I don't want to bore you so I shall stop here.  So this was a small post today.

Hope you have/ had a nice day and in the words of Innersmile, 'Keep Smiling'

girl obsessed xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Hey everyone!

Since my pictures from Just lately went down so well, I thought maybe i should post more pictures!

I love taking pictures. They are life, especially when you are listening to music.  I love taking pictures from tumblr, pinterest or we heart it and creating my own twist to it. Most of the time, i hate to edit the puctures. The main reason is beacause I am scared I might distroy the picture by putting on filters.
So i keep them natural!

If you want to know where any of these items are from, comment which thing you like and I will tell you were I got them! (if I remember!! lol! Whoopsss)

Hope you all have a fantastic day!!!

girl obsessed xx