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Friday, 20 March 2015

Your crush

Hello World,
Today I told my crush I like him. Let's just say, it didn't go down as well as i hoped.
The thing is, we have been friends since I started secondary school. I liked him from the start.
Just lately we have been talking more and more, and I liked him more. So, when I was texting him, I said I liked him. Guess what he said...
He liked me as a friend. I GOT ALL THE SIGNS WRONG! I feel so stupid.
Do you think I should have said it?
Please tell me.
I said not to tell anyone, everything will go back to normal and we never speak of it again.
I hope I did the right thing.  
girl obsessed xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

14 things I have learned in 14 years

Hey everyone,

14 things I have learned in 14 years is something inspirational. I don't know what I was thinking of to come up with this, but  I hope you like it.

1. Do what makes you happy.
Since I started secondary school, i always thought i had to have a certain standard of activeness. As I stated to progress, I realised,  I don't need to. It doesn't make me happy to do this. If people don't like this then irs up to them.

2. Just because other girls are bitchy doesn't mean you have to be
Now, this really annoys me about girls. I know I am one, but who gives them the right to be like that to someone! If someone is ever bitchy to you, turn on your heals and walk away. All they are looking for is attention, and then they will see that you are not giving them any, they will move on.

3. Appologising is not a sign of weakness.
If you ever get into a fight with your best friend, even if it isnt your fault, apologise.  Its the best thing you can do for the friendship. Its the same with family members as well. It breaks the ice that has formed. It doesn't show you are weak, it shows you are the bigger person.

4. Don't compare yourself
If you ever see a model in a magazine or a girl at school who is really pretty, do not ever compare yourself to them. I guarantee,  you are 10 times more pretty. You may think you are not because you have spots on your face, you are too short, too tall, too fat, whatever because one day, someone will love all of you. For who you are.

5. Do your best
Its all you can do. Whether it is for exams or something, try your best.

6. Be yourself.
If people don't like who you truly are, then stuff them, you don't need them. Being someone different just to fit in isn't they way about it.

7. Forgive, but never forget
In some point in our lives, we have got bullied or someone has said something/ done something mean to us And now you are friends with them? You might have forgiven them, but keep them at arms length, you don't want the same thing to happen again, so keep that in mind.

8. Putting your phone away is a good thing
This has benefits. Your phone distracts you so much. Putting it away can help your brain relax.

9. Just because boys don't talk to you, doesn't mean they hate you.
Some boys might be shy arouyou girls, or might be socially awkward.  You cannot draw out all thepossibilities.  Boys are weird creatures. Theysometimes do one thing and mean another.

10. Be organised
Being organised helps your brain to be organised.  This makes life easier. I love having everything in its place. You could sayi was a perfectionist. School and University work will become easier when theycall have a place and nothing will be lost.

11. Not everyone is a positive influence
If you are the type of people who try to find the good in everyone, don't. Its not always a good thing to do. You may do that, but skip all the bad parts.  More bad than good. You might get hurt in the long run.

12. Speaking your mind is a good thing
Speaking your mind can have its ups and downs, but its good to talk about things. Having your own say is a Human Right. No one can take that away from you. If they do, they shouldn't.

13. Don't go crazy on clothes
As beautiful as they are, us girls have to hold ourselves back. Its like a sports fanatic seeing a sports shop and resisting the urge to go in, but 1000 times worse. Everything we see is gorgeous. It is better to keep it in the bank and save up for a holiday, or university.

14. Your appearance doesn't always matter
I don't care what I wear, as long as it is comfortable and that is what every girl should be like. Not caring what they look like. Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is an inspiration,  she doesnt care what she looks like in vlogs Even though she will get judged at some point by the public.

I hope you read this far and thank you. Hope everyone from Northern Ireland and Ireland had a lovely St.Patricks day yesterday.

girl obsessed xx