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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June Favourites

Hey Everyone,

I have never done one of these on my blog, but I decided to give it a go and hope for the best!
Just saying, this might be a looong post..... :)

I am that type of girl that doesn't like to experiment with different cosmetics, I like to keep to the same one, but if you want me to do so, comment below.

I have a schedule that I like to keep to and that's it. Nothing new.

Here is what I have been loving throughout the month of June: 

1. See By ChloƩ perfume- Middle
I love this perfume. I got it for Christmas 2014 and I had been wanting it for sooo long. I was over the moon when I got it. 
Now I wore it everyday to school, on my wrists, neck and behind my knees.

2. Witch Stick- Top Right
This is for spots/blemishes. If you have a spot/blemish or see one coming apply this every so often and it will reduce the redness and not make the spot more sore?

3. Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash- Right
This is a sample I got not that long ago. I have the full size bottle and it smells like heaven. It smells like lillys and ginger combined. I have to say, it is VERY EXPENSIVE. £20-£30.

4. Nivia Pearly Shine- Bottom Right 
I got this in Superdrug months ago, but I never used it until Easter. I rediscovered it and I can't believe it. I love it so much. I use it every night before bed and my lips are so soft when I wake up. I also use it during the day when I am in my bedroom.

5. Rimmel London Lash Sensational- Underneath
This mascara is amazing. I found it off Velvetgh0sts youtube channel and it looked really good. It had 2 sides to the brush. One side it for length and another is for separation and fuller looking lashes. I use the the separation and fuller lashes side and it is amazing.

6. Clarines Instant Concealer- Bottom Left
I use Clarines a lot because my skin agrees with it and it doesn't like any other brand.  Anyway, this concealer is magnificent. It is a liquid which need to be applied with your hand. When you put it onto spots/blemished it takes away the redness so it isn't as inflamed. I must say, it is expensive so if you really going to use it, I recommend it.

7. Simple Kind To Eye Revitalising Eye Roll On- Top Left
I love Simple. It really is 'Kind to skin'. My skin loved Simple's products and I don't blame it.  I would use this mostly in the morning when I wake up. This product is designed to make you feel awake and refreshed in the morning. You would roll the ball under your eyes and this cold gel is applied. 

These are my random favourites during the month of June!

1. The Sin Eater's Daughter
This is an amazing book. I read it within a few days. It wasn't like any of the other books I have read. I usually contemporary books and I was surprised when I actually enjoyed it. It really made you hate some of the characters and it made you love some of the characters. I would give it a 5/5 stars.

2. Notebook
Now, in this notebook, I have my bucketlist. It has loads of different activities I want to do in my life time. 

  • Go to Greece
  • Visit the Palace of Versailles
  • Leave a note in a Library book
  • Spend an entire day watching Disney movies
  • Go to Australia
That is only a small amount. When I do them, I cross them out so I know I have done it. I would also take photographs to remember the moment.

3. A Purple Furry Pen
I got this pen years ago and I just found it around April May time and it had been in my desk ever since until I pulled it out and Started writing. I think these pens are sooooooo cute and fun looking when you write. I don't know why, it just is, okay?

4. Rocks
Now, before you think, what the hell are you on about, but yes rocks.
When I was younger, I used to collect rocks and I was obsessed from the ages of 3-7. During that time period, I wanted to be a Geologist. Thinking back on this now, I think it is really weird. I got these rocks back in 2005 I think and I was redoing my room and I thought these looked really cool in my room. I love them.

What are your favourite songs?

girl obsessed xx


  1. poison by Rita ora <3 <3!
    I love simple products and the which stick too!
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x ♡

    1. You should do a favourites. Love to see what products you like!

  2. Great post, just followed you on Google+.
    I also love a lot of Clarines products, especially their loose powder. I'll have to try the concealer :)

  3. I love the Lash Sensational and the Nivea Pearly Shine! xxx