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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Being Different Is A Good Thing

Hey guys!

So, I have been thinking and have you ever been called weird? I know I have, on many occasions and to be one hundred percent honest with you, it made me laugh, out loud!!!

Once when I was little, my dad told me about different types of birds- don't ask me why, because I still don't know to this day! Anyway, he told me about the ostrich and I was fascinated by the way it stuck its head in the ground (well sand) . 

So when we were at the beach on year, I said to my dad, "Look, I am an ostrich"- but i said it in a cute baby voice, so I couldn't pronounce my word very well- Then suddenly I stuck my head in the sand. My butt was sticking up in any direction possible until was pulled out by my ankles by one VERY confused laughing dad! All my weirdness and awkwardness started from that day forward!

It turns out, the reason why these birds stick there head in the sand is because they have nests underground and they plunge their head under to turn its egg. 
I only asked google their now, why do ostriches stick their head in sand?

These birds are weird and I think they are proud of it because they haven't said any different!! :D
For one, they have knees that are the wrong way around, they are the only bird with 3 stomachs
and they have the largest eye of all the land animals, with a diameter of 5cm.

These birds probably don't care that they have a 5cm eye. They own it!!!!!

Also, I don't even care that I am talking about OSTRICHES!!

Everyone is different and you should embrace it and take advantage of that! With this, it defines who we are and if someone can't take that much awesomeness, then that's their problem. You shouldn't have to change who you are!

Say this with me!

"I am an odd being and I can sass all you bitches!!" 


  1. I honestly LOVE this post and it is so relevant to my life at the moment!!


  2. Thank you, if you do enjoy my blog, hope to hear more of you!!

  3. This is so good and your enthusiasm really shows!