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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Traveling to Dreams


Hey everyone,

All my life I have had a passion for travelling to different places, but because of my anxiety,I find it hard to do that. If I was to go somewhere, I would have to bring,

  • A water bottle
  • Head ache tablets
  • Rescue Remedy

I know, its really bad that I have to bring all that. That even includes if I was going to a sleep over. To be honest, I hate it. Is anyone else like that??

The places I want to travel to are quite far from Northern Ireland;

  • America (USA)
  • Australia
  • Bora-Bora
  • Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland
  • Spain
The list goes on and on my lovely girls, but I don't want to bore you so I shall stop here.  So this was a small post today.

Hope you have/ had a nice day and in the words of Innersmile, 'Keep Smiling'

girl obsessed xx


  1. It must be so difficult living with anxiety. You should come to my school! There is a school trip for students who take Philosophy and ethics, history or citizenship to concentration camps in Poland, including Auschwitz. Also there's a massive shopping trip, which is always good. Take little trips at a time and as you get more comfortable, get further and further.

    1. That sounds really good. I had tried to do duke of Edinburgh before and was so close but ended up not doing it.

      Girl obsessed xx

    2. I have the same type of anxiety, I couldn't stay anywhere, not even at a friends house and I was like that for years, only starting to get over it now!
      It's awful! I hope one day you will get to travel to some if not all of the places on your list! xx

    3. Thank you so much Claire. Its just any time I think about sleeping over, i get anxiety